Why should I train with ICEA?

​ICEA is an international organization with a long and rich history.  Originally started in 1960 for childbirth educators this organization has grown and changed to add several other areas of interest.  ICEA is an evidence based organization that believes in freedom to make decisions based on knowledge of alternatives in family centered maternity and newborn care.

Why should I train with Michelle from MTM Training ?

Michelle believes very strongly in not only teaching the materials an individuals needs to be good in her profession, but also in providing high quality mentoring.  Her workshops are set up so that they will meet the needs of various learners and their learning styles.  Michelle understands that no two learners are the same, so her classroom setting and teaching style reflects the needs of the individuals she works with.

How can I bring an ICEA training to my location?

If you are interested in bringing an ICEA training to your community please send an email to michelle@motheringthemotherinc.info  

Host expectations include:

  • Finding a free location that is large enough to accommodate 10-15 participants.
  • Assist with promotion within your community (there is a minimum number of participants required….this will vary by location and distance traveled).
  • Provide light snacks and beverages (at a minimum water) for the two days of the training.
  • Be on premises during the training to assist with logistics as needed (i.e. temperature adjustment, etc)
  • Provide the trainer with transportation from the airport to her hotel and her hotel to the training location and back if necessary.

If I host a training what benefit do I get for the effort?

With 5 paid participants a host will receive her training for FREE!!!

You will also have the knowledge of knowing that you are helping to support Mothering the Mother and it's mission and vision.  By hosting and taking a training it helps to keep our doors open and our services available on a sliding scale to all of the clients that our organization works with.

Have other questions that are not listed above?  Email us