ICEA Early Lactation Workshop

When registering for your workshop please note that if you are flying in please consider calling us to ensure the workshop is running before making flight and hotel arrangements.  Thank you.

Upcoming Training Dates

Workshops are 9 am to 6 pm (both days) unless otherwise noted.

Fee: $200 ​​

March 13-14, 2018 Milwaukee, WI

Beyond the Birth
1588 S. 81st St.
West Allis, WI 53214

June 25-26, 2018 Cleveland, OH

Location TBD

September 17-18, 2018 Milwaukee, WI 

Beyond the Birth
1588 S. 81st St.
West Allis, WI 53214


​​Are you a birth professional who would like to improve your skills in the area of breastfeeding?  Would you like to learn how you can support the families you work with by helping to educate them before the baby comes?  During the immediate postpartum period?  For weeks and months after the baby comes? 

This is a 2 day workshop and topics discussed include- benefits of breastfeeding, correct latch, feeding frequency and duration, the role of skin to skin care, breastfeeding in special circumstances,  maternal and newborn concerns, maintaining lactation when mother and infant are separated, The Baby Friendly Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding, breastfeeding teaching strategies.

Workshop objectives are:

  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of lactation                                               
  • Explore the hormones which support lactation                                                     
  • Demonstrate correct latch and positioning                                                            
  • Discuss the importance of skin to skin care
  • Identify normal newborn feeding patterns                                                 
  • Discuss the request and supply process                                         
  • Describe the support for the initiation of breastfeeding                           
  • Describe nursing interventions for common early concerns                            
  • Discuss expression when separated from the baby                                             
  • Discuss breastfeeding in special circumstances    

Training Fee: $200 

If you are planning on attending more than one workshop please email me for details on receiving a discount.

*Training fees and late registration fees vary slightly based upon location of the training.  Early registration ends one month prior to the event date unless otherwise stated - after early registration ends add $50 to the fee per training.
** To qualify for the discount participants must register and pay for the trainings at the same time.