Early Lactation Training:

" In the past I have taken an online class for breastfeeding, but being in a group class meant verbal communication, hands on, and immediate feed-back.  All the info really made sense when presented in person.  I now feel confident I can help my doula clients with breastfeeding."  ​Martha Wasserman (2016)

"Michelle provided an excellent training for breastfeeding!  It was incredibly comprehensive and thorough.  She never rushed through any topic and allowed plenty of time for discussion and exchange at any given time.  In addition, from her personal and professional experiences, Michelle has the capacity to answer almost any given question.  And if she can't, she knows exactly where to find the information.  It was an empowering and enlightening training!"  ​Claire Prieto (2016)

"I am very pleased with the knowledge that I gained from this class. I really appreciated the in-depth information that was given and the discussions that came about from it. Some of the most ah-ha moments for me was: the importance of skin-to-skin, the size of the baby's belly, the importance of encouragement commitment and support, using the words "change over" instead of milk coming in and learning the dance steps to latch so that I can help mom to see the right signs. Also learning more of the science behind why breast is best was very interesting.  I look forward to sharing the information that I learned with the mom's and families that I will work with and am thankful to have all the information to look back on as needed."  Samantha DeWitt (2015)

"For me, this was a really good refresher course. It covered all the important main points that I learned in my CLC course, as well as a few new ones. I enjoyed going through this class with my peers as there was a lot of information that led to interesting and helpful discussions. I appreciate having the downloads so I can go back and look things over anytime.  Helping a mother through those first hours and days of lactation can be tricky, and I appreciate the emphasis on good latch and normal newborn cues, as well as overcoming challenges. I came away with a list of things I want to look up for furthering my own study." ​  Heather Sutton (2015)

"I particularly appreciated the information on which levels of babies alertness were best for initiating breastfeeding and also the information on the steps newborns go through in the first hour of life to learn how to breastfeed. I will definitely use this information in my practice."  ​Alicia Crowe-Stykes (2015)

Birth Doula Training:

Postpartum Doula Training:

"Training with ICEA and Michelle showed me that there are so many ways to be compassionate doula.  It was wonderful to be in a situation where I could learn not only from my wonderful instructor but also the other women who joined me. After my training, I felt more able to support women and their partners in a variety of ways, everything from emotional and physical suport to even just being a calm voice and presence when necessary." Stephanie Umstot (2016)

Childbirth Educator Training:

"Michelle, who humbly insists that she is not creative, is actually wildly creative and innovative as an instructor! She introduced us to so many things that, to quote her, I had "missed the boat" on thus far. Things like making sure that you have a way to know whether your students understand the material - in other words not just talking AT them, but checking for understanding. Making sure that you are considering the needs of both parents and the family as a whole in addition to mom's as an individual. Making sure that as an instructor, you are examining your biases and checking yourself. My very favorite activity was on day two. I won't give away the specifics but it forced me to examine my assumptions about certain situations, and hear different points of view. Ultimately for this activity the group had to come to a consensus and the overarching theme was "it depends on so many things". There are always two sides to the pancake!"  Katherine McCarty, 2016 (to read the full blog visit here)

"Excellent class.  This childbirth Educator class exceeded my expectations:  I have a clear understanding of what ICEA requires, and it was super fun both days.  Michelle has in-depth knowledge and experience in teaching childbirth education and she stays on top of new developments. I learned about teaching childbirth education from the ICEA model such as: hands-on, videos, and role-playing, and clear objectives, plus learned and practiced many things such as spiraling, rebozzo, babywearing and open communication.  Positive energy from being with this group for two days."  Martha Wasserman (2016)

"I am so glad I attended Michelle's Childbirth  Educator Class. It was two very full days with  a wide range of information, ideas and advice. Michelle has a very engaging teaching style. I felt very relaxed and had a lot of fun while learning a ton! She makes sure you have everything you need to know for the certification test and beyond. I left feeling excited about the  possibilities for my future in Childbirth Education." Heather Sutton (2016)

Your Birth Doula Business / Your Postpartum Doula Business / Childbirth Educator Business Trainings:

​"I want to thank you for taking the time to offer this training, and for being so gracious and warm to me. I truly appreciate your hard work and the consideration you put into the workshop. I know for sure that I absolutely was meant to be there. Your insight and instruction was a relief and a blessing to me. I have a much greater understanding, more clarity and hope for my success. There is no way to express my appreciation sufficiently, but know that you have impacted me in a very substantial way. I'm grateful for the invitation and opportunity to continue to work with you, and I certainly will be sure to keep you updated on my future endeavors. I can't thank you enough for a great and successful workshop!" ​Kelli Brien, (2016)

​Safety and Self Care for the Birth Professional Training: